Why you should choose low emission vehicles

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In a world which is constantly focusing on its carbon footprint, concerns over eco-efficiency are constantly at the forefront of our minds. Whilst in the home this translates to investing in insulation and energy monitors, for drivers it involves upgrading our motor to something with an inherently green focus.

Superior fuel consumption

As electric vehicles do not use petrol or diesel at all, hybrid vehicles are the only ones able to offer superior fuel consumption in a traditional sense. While diesel cars are now more efficient with fuel than ever before, they are still unable to hold a torch to hybrid vehicles in this respect. This means that hybrid owners spend less time at the pump and that equates to less money being spent.

The reason that hybrid vehicles are able to keep fuel consumption so low is that they are fitted with an intelligent electric motor which aids the engine in propelling the car. Manufacturers such as Honda have also strived to reduce waste across the board — resulting in the engine having to do less work to achieve the same level of performance. Not only does this mean that the engine requires less power to maintain performance but that some of this power can be provided from electricity, rather than petrol or diesel.

Lower carbon emissions

The emission of greenhouse gases from our exhaust pipes contributes to global warming. An eco friendly car will tend to fall below the level of 100g of CO2 per kilometre, which is safely within the lowest commonly measured bracket. Of course, electric vehicles have zero emissions – making them an easier wiser investment.

Issues concerning the availability of charging points for electric vehicles still exist in the UK but are expected to be overcome soon. The focus on green motoring is so pronounced that it is only a matter of time before national rollouts see electric charging points a common feature of towns and cities.

Lower taxation

With emissions as low as those mentioned above, your annual bill for road tax will fall dramatically if you switch to a low emissions vehicle. Incentives like this one have been offered by the government for some time as they hope to encourage people to make positive ecological changes to their lifestyle.

The oil crisis

While petrol can seem plentiful when being pumped into our fuel tanks, this simply is not the case. The fuel for our cars in based on oil which has to be drilled from below ground and the damage that the oil industry has caused in the Middle East has wider implications.

Oil in these parts of the world will eventually run out and when it does, oil companies will be driven elsewhere to fulfil demand. This will inevitably lead to the destruction of delicate ecosystems and could do irreversible damage to our planet. Looking for Honda cars for sale which utilise hybrid technology could help address this problem, using renewable energy sources to supplement the gap in the market.



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